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"Facebook Ads Are a Complete Waste of Time!"

Many business owners think Facebook Advertising is a waste of time and money...... and they are 100% correct!

Over the past few years, the majority of businesses I've encountered are not utilizing the Facebook Ads platform to it's full potential and are throwing away money in the process.

It's a real shame because Facebook advertising is the most cost-effective and sophisticated advertising platform currently available to businesses, regardless of your size... but only when you know what you're doing.

If you don't, well, you're simply lining Mr. Zuckerberg's pockets instead of filling your own. And c'mon, he has more than enough of it to keep him happy for a little while without your help.

Why are business owners wasting money?

Whether because of a lack of awareness, a lack of knowledge or a lack of time to improve their skills most businesses have, unkowingly to them, very little chance of launching a successful Facebook Ads campaign.

Most business owners get caught up on the nitty gritty tech aspects of Ads Manager or the finer design details when it comes to Facebook Ads and don't realize that these parts are only the icing on the cake. 

Your success, or lack of it, will be largely determined by the core marketing principles and tactics you employ. These principles and tactics will be leveraged by the Facebook Ads platform. If you are lacking in this department, Facebook Ads will only promote these deficiencies at scale.

For example, if your marketing campaigns are restricted to cold sales pitches you can forget about making any meaningful profit from Facebook Advertising. 

How Can Your Business Launch a Successful Facebook Ads Campaign

The businesses that succeed with Facebook Ads use a structured sales funnel that address the needs, problems and uncertainties of their target market with relevant messaging at the various points in the buying process.

By leveraging the sophisticated retargeting properties that Facebook has to offer us, your business will appear extremely relevant to your target audiences needs and this will allow you to guide your target audience through your sales funnel to become customers in a systematic manner. 

The businesses that succeed with Facebook Ads intimately know the needs and problems of their target audience, can speak to and engage with them with relevant messaging, and as a result take them through the research phases to the point of purchase seamlessly.

How Can I Help Your Business?

Whether you're thinking about using Facebook Ads, have tried already but failed to create any significant profit, or you want to take your advertising to the next level, I can offer advice, training, consultancy or management services. 

Whether you are a traditional brick & mortar shop or an eCommerce company, whether you are targeting B2B or B2C, whether you are an entrepreneur or a large multinational I will be able to provide insights and solutions to meet your needs.

Over the past few years, I have invested thousands of my own hard earned cash learning from some of the biggest and most successful Facebook Advertisers and entrepreneurs and continue to do so today.

As we speak, I'm applying this knowledge, with my own learnings & analysis, to increase sales for my clients, my own business and entrepreneurs who enroll in my Facebook Advertising course. 

Don't believe me?

Have a quick browse below at the kind words some lovely humans happened to share about my work for them. 

Still unsure? 

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What People Have Said...

Robert Abbey, Owner, Funnel.Vision

"Colm has worked with us at Funnel.Vision to promote a number of Sales Funnels on Facebook. Sales Funnels convert fantastically, however they are nothing without traffic... and that's always the biggest challenge when getting a new one off of the ground.

I have found Colm to be very quick on the uptake. He asks probing questions that get to the bottom on your Facebook challenges. He has a holistic view, and is quick to point out any areas where you could improve things, as well as tips and tricks to get the most "bang for your buck" from your marketing spend.

He is very mentally quick and he makes connections between ideas and products, that you just wouldn't think of yourself. These sort of ideas have helped us decrease our CPL in very competitive markets, as well as promote programmes that are difficult, due to regulations. 

We promote a lot of Online Fitness Programmes, which is a challenging niche... but it's also limited by what you can promise, the copy you can use etc.

Colm has been great in getting around limitations imposed on us by Facebook. He knows the system so well, that he can figure out small changes that make the difference between an ad being rejected, or approved. He has saved us time and money in that regard and I always take his suggestions on board.

The best thing about Colm is that he's constantly learning, tweaking things and letting us know how we can improve stuff. Unlike some people selling Facebook Courses, you can be sure with Colm that his advice and content is coming right from the trenches, as they say.

His stuff is about what's working right now... not what worked 6 months ago. And that makes all the difference.

I highly recommend Colm, so much so, that we give his contact details to every one of the client's we build Sales Funnels for!"
"Colm’s expertise in Social media marketing was second to none.

Colm opened our eyes to what we were doing wrong, what we could improve and how we could make an impact with our local business online. 

By building a strategy that really spoke to and engaged our target market we were able to keep in touch with our customers every day, listening to & then giving them what they wanted.

His creative approach to marketing gave a real personality to our brand and built recognition for our brand as a sports bar.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Colm to local business to help them reach their business goals."
Stephen Cosgrove, Owner, The Local Bar
"I got in touch with Colm to help build my online fitness brand through social media and ultimately help grow my online sales. 

His in-depth knowledge of the online marketing world has certainly helped grow my online presence. In particular, his Facebook Ads campaigns have helped me increase my list by 600% and reach new customers quickly.

He is always at hand for advice and does loads more than just an online marketer, he has taught me so much about the online world.

The way that Colm implemented and managed my online business gave me more time to concentrate on the actual fitness side of it."

Darin Claasen, Owner Unique Health & Fitness
"I presented a business show on, which is now and had Colm Baker on as a guest to talk about Social Media issues. 

I found him to be very knowledgeable about on line marketing and Social Media. He was so informative and gave great tips that I asked him back a second time. 

I believe Colm would be the best person to help with on line marketing strategies for any business. "
Austin O'Keeffe,  Easy Radio
"Always keen to help and offer great advice, Colm has a great insight into FB advertising and is completely up to date with all new features and changes that FB are constantly making to the platform. 

I have used Colm's services to build and implement new and exciting strategies that have had astonishing results and given my clients amazing ROI. 

Colm is without doubt one of the top FB advertisers in the country. 

Whether you are a small business starting out or a multinational company that needs expert help, Colm has a strategy to help you succeed. "
David Carroll, Owner, West Cork Online
"Colm's straight up approach makes you more receptive to taking on board his well researched and experienced advice. 

If you work with Colm he will be guaranteed to change the way you market your business for the better and increase your sales."
David O'Malley, Owner,
"Colm is currently working with Clarity Locums to manage our online marketing. 

He has proven to have an excellent grasp on our market and how to engage people proactively.
 I'm looking forward to working with him in the future."

Anthony O'Neill, Owner, Clarity Locums
"Colm was extremely helpful and knowledgeable... he gave me some really valuable advice which I am implementing with great results already. 

Colm was very patient and spent alot of time talking to me about different strategies with Facebook Ads. 

He's the man!"
Sharon Messitt, Owner, The Little Geek Shack.
"I recently booked a free call with Colm as I was becoming increasingly disillusioned with Facebook ads. 

Colm went over and above to help me, he gave me an easy to implement Facebook ads strategy and also gave me some marketing tips in general. I would highly recommend Colm and booking in for a call with him!"
Sarah Cooney, Owner, Merry Me Centre
 "Colm's course is exactly what a small business needs to get an understanding of how to effectively use facebook to grow business. 

He has a very detailed knowledge and his style of presenting makes absorbing the information so much easier. I now understand the power of Facebook adverts and how to use it to grow our brand. 

Thank you Colm I've already recommended this course to three other businesses in my area."
Aisling Roche, Owner, Velvet Cloud
"I have been a client of Colm Baker for over 12 months and I have found him to be not only an excellent tutor, but he also gives extremely good value in the way that he offers support. 

Colm is always giving of his time, beyond the course tuition and you always feel that you are never lost in the IT jungle. If you are thinking about doing a course with him, don't think anymore, just do it. 

You will not regret it."

Tony Macken, CEO Optecolux
"Colm is an extraordinary person when it comes to Facebook Ads! 

His help, valuable insight and accurate knowledge already brought real results."
Agnieszka Pulfer, Owner, Your Coach Studio
"Colm has an immense knowledge of Facebook Advertising. 
After a short consultation, he devised a strategy that allowed me to launch my business from scratch and attract new customers right away."

Conor Hyland, Irish Language Tutor
Colm has the patience of a saint and is genuine and honest. He provides 100 percent support and guidance.

He's very approachable and easy to deal with answering all questions.

I've learned lots about Facebook Ads and looking forward to Colm keeping me updated."
Geraldine Donnelly
"My husband and I are giving Colm Baker a FIVE STAR RATING for his expertise in Digital Marketing. 

Colm has helped our businesses grow over a few months and has raised the bar in online sales for our advertising campaigns. 

He is always available to help, and is consistently moving with the times....which is very fast in this online world!"
Clara Lambert
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