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Practical, Actionable Facebook Advertising Tips

As a member of the free group, you will get daily Facebook Advertising tips that you can use to instantly improve your advertising campaigns. 

Do you know why CTR is not as important for Facebook ads versus Adwords?
Do you know the difference between CTR & Unique CTR? 
Do you know how to advertise specifically to your website visitors, people who engage with your page, your email subscribers or Linkedin Contacts? 
Do you know how to leverage manual bidding to optimize your ads? 

Understanding the answers to questions like these will allow you to take your Facebook Ads to the next level!

Learn from Real Life Facebook Ad Case Studies

That kind of techy mumbo jumbo can fry your brain and it's definitely not everyone's cup of tea! 

Would you rather see specific tactics that you can "copy and paste" into your own Facebook Advertising campaigns?
Are there new techniques or tactics you can apply to improve your own Facebook ads?

See what tactics I'm using to get results for my business, for my clients' business and what the major advertisers are using in their Facebook Advertising campaigns.

Get a Unique Facebook Advertising Strategy for Your Business!

What Facebook Advertising strategy would I use if I was in your shoes? 
How would I use Facebook Advertising to grow your business? 
How can you use Facebook Advertising to convert strangers into customers in a predictable, scalable manner? 

As a member of the group, you will get a free 30 minute 1-to-1 Facebook Advertising strategy call to design a unique Facebook Ads strategy for your business. 

For those 30 minutes you can pick my brains for tricks, tactics and strategies to get the best bang for your buck from Facebook Advertising. 


Instant Facebook Ads Support & Solutions

The Facebook Ads platform is unbelievably frustrating by times! 
For many entrepreneurs, the complicated Ads Manager platform and the lack of support from Facebook can bring them to breaking point! 

You can use the group 24/7 to get solutions to those niggly Ads Manager problems, to look for advice to improve your Facebook Ad performance or find out why your ads aren't getting approved. Whatever the issue is, someone in the group has probably faced the same challenges before!

Use the Community to Overcome Challenges in Your Business

While the group is focused on marketing and more specifically Facebook Ads there's over 300 business owners who are in the same boat as you. We're all trying to grow our businesses, we're all trying to progress to the next level, and we're all facing tonnes of challenges.

You are definitely not alone in this big bad world of entrepreneurship but if you feel like you are, join the group, engage with the community and make some friends! 

Facing a challenge in your business? Post about it. The person that could be your saviour could be lurking in the group! 
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