Want to Master Facebook Advertising and Automate Your Sales Process?
My New Facebook Advertising Course Teaches You Everything 
You Need to Know to Create Consistently Profitable Facebook Advertising Campaigns...... 
and Unlike Other Courses, I Will Personally Help You Implement My Four Phase Facebook Advertising Strategy for Your Business!
My New Facebook Advertising Course is Ideal For...
  • Entrepreneurs who want to grow their personal brand and increase their revenue.
  • Business Owners who want to find new customers, increase their profit and scale their business growth.
  • Digital Marketers who want to increase the effectiveness of their Facebook Advertising campaigns.
  •  Bloggers who want to increase traffic to their blog, build their audience and grow their subscribers. 
  •  Facebook Ad Beginners or Newbies who are finding it difficult to get through the Ads Manager Minefield

Here's What You Will Learn...
  • How to Optimize Your Facebook Page to Turn Visitors into Leads
  • How to Pinpoint Your Ideal Customer on Facebook
  • The Basic Fundamentals of Facebook Advertising in 2018
  •  Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Targeting Options & Tactics to Get Your Ads in Your Customers Newsfeed!
  •  How to Create Engaging and Effective Facebook Adverts that Actually Get Clicked
  •  Implementing the Facebook Pixel, Retargeting Strategies & Dynamic Product Adverts to Dramatically Increase Conversion Rates
  •  How to Analyze and Optimize Your Facebook Advertising Campaigns to Improve Performance and Reduce Costs
  •  The Four Key Phases to Implementing Consistently Profitable Facebook Advertising Campaigns
  •  How to Design High Converting Landing Pages for Every Part of Your Campaigns
  •  Automating Your Relationship Building With Email Marketing Automations
  •  The 7-Phase Email Marketing Automation to Increase Your Sales
  •  How to Write Effective Copy That Sells
  •  How to Use Facebook's New Messenger Bots - the Most Revolutionary form of Facebook Advertising!
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What People Say...

Rob Abbey

"Colm has worked with us at Funnel.Vision to promote a number of Sales Funnels on Facebook. Sales Funnels convert fantastically, however they are nothing without traffic... and that's always the biggest challenge when getting a new one off of the ground.
I have found Colm to be very quick on the uptake. He asks probing questions that get to the bottom on your Facebook challenges. He has a holistic view, and is quick to point out any areas where you could improve things, as well as tips and tricks to get the most "bang for your buck" from your marketing spend.
He is very mentally quick and he makes connections between ideas and products, that you just wouldn't think of yourself. These sort of ideas have helped us decrease our CPL in very competitive markets, as well as promote programmes that are difficult, due to regulations. We promote a lot of Online Fitness Programmes, which is a challenging niche... but it's also limited by what you can promise, the copy you can use etc.
Colm has been great in getting around limitations imposed on us by Facebook. He knows the system so well, that he can figure out small changes that make the difference between an ad being rejected, or approved. He has saved us time and money in that regard and I always take his suggestions on board.
The best thing about Colm is that he's constantly learning, tweaking things and letting us know how we can improve stuff. Unlike some people selling Facebook Courses, you can be sure with Colm that his advice and content is coming right from the trenches, as they say.
His stuff is about what's working right now... not what worked 6 months ago. And that makes all the difference.
I highly recommend Colm, so much so, that we give his contact details to every one of the client's we build Sales Funnels for!"

Geraldine Donnelly

"Colm has the patience of a saint and is genuine and honest.
He provides 100 percent support and guidance.
He's very approachable and easy to deal with answering all questions.
I've learned lots about Facebook Ads and looking forward to Colm keeping me updated."

Agnieszka Pulfer

"Colm is an extraordinary person when it comes to Facebook Ads! His help, valuable insight and accurate knowledge already brought real results."

Clara Lambert

"My husband and I are giving Colm Baker a FIVE STAR RATING for his expertise in Digital Marketing. Colm has helped our businesses grow over a few months and has raised the bar in online sales for our advertising campaigns. He is always available to help, and is consistently moving with the times....which is very fast in this online world!"

Andy Norris

"Colm is really ahead of the game on Facebook advertising. His four-phase strategy has really helped us reach out to our target market and convert new customers."

Conor Hyland

"Colm has an immense knowledge of Facebook Advertising. After a short consultation, he devised a strategy that allowed me to launch my business from scratch and attract new customers right away."

Tony Macken

"I have been a client of Colm Baker for over 12 months and I have found him to be not only an excellent tutor, but he also gives extremely good value in the way that he offers support. He is always giving of his time, beyond the course tuition and you always feel that you are never lost in the IT jungle. If you are thinking about doing a course with him, don't think anymore, just do it. You will not regret it."

Darin Claasen

"I got in touch with Colm to help build my online fitness brand through social media and ultimately help grow online sales. 
His in-depth knowledge of the online marketing world has certainly helped grow my online presence. 
He is always at hand for advice and does loads more than just an online marketer, he has taught me so much about the online world and has even helped manage my online business in ways that give me more time to concentrate on the actual fitness add of it."

Here's One from My Facebook Group...
Who is Colm Baker? 
Well, first of all, let me clear things up, I absolutely 100% HATE writing about myself. 

I always cringe with discomfort when talking about myself positively regardless of whether it's a close friend, family member or a hot date from Tinder (ssssh, I can dream!). There's just something deep inside me that squirms and wretches when I have to "sell myself". 
But the worst case, by far, is promoting myself for business. 
Well, there's a couple of reasons really.......

Firstly, in a previous life, when I worked as a pharmacist (yes, you read that right, worlds apart from online marketing, I know) I never needed to sell myself. I spent four years painstakingly studying the most boring topics known to man during my pharmacy degree (the copious amounts of alcohol consumed really helped me through it), then I had to endure a year's work placement, away from home, on minimum wage, while also doing a compulsory Masters in Pharmacy at the same 

And this was all before the Grand Daddy of all exams, the dreaded "pre-reg exam" which combined mind-boggling mathematics (that you would never use in your career as a pharmacist) and the most convoluted, ridiculous roleplays (not as fun as what you're thinking) in an attempt to judge if we were safe enough to be let out into the big bad world of pharmacy without killing anybody.

When you eventually qualified everybody (naively) believed you were well prepared and knew what you were doing.

You were well qualified.

Your knowledge was immense (but practically useless) and nobody ever doubted your advice. 

You had authority.

There was no need "to sell myself".
A little picture from my time in McGreals Pharmacy and probably the last time I wore a tie! The biggest lesson I took from pharmacy to marketing was the skills to build relationships and trust with anybody. Nobody ever switched to other pharmacies because we added a personal touch and lots of support! 

Notice the personalised marketing in the background?
Moving into the Nauseating World of Sleazy Online Marketing Self-Promoters...
When I left the world of pharmacy I made a commitment to NEVER EVER promote myself online in the way that some slimeball con artists do. I have no aversion to "selling myself" by displaying my knowledge of Facebook Advertising and online marketing in general. 

I've taken the time and spent the money on courses, events and mentors to equip myself with the knowledge and skills to confidently speak about, teach and manage Facebook Ads to and for anybody but I cannot bring myself to use the kind of "get rich quick", overzealous, hyperbole that is omnipresent in the world of online marketers. 

Want me to explain the intricacies of Facebook advertising, Facebook pixels, Facebook funnels and manual bidding? No problem. 

Want me to talk about the role of a trequartista in a soccer team? I'll talk for hours! 
Want me to explain how a particular medication affects the central nervous system? Easy peasy!

But if you want me to say I'm a "Facebook Expert", "Marketing Guru" or "Thought Leader" you're barking up the wrong tree. 

Don't get me wrong, this strategy is very successful (which says more about us as people than anything else) but it makes me incredibly uncomfortable.

You won't hear me pitching you the "Laptop Lifestyle", "foolproof methods to make a trillion dollars overnight", 
or any other unrealistic, clickbaity, aspirational bullshit! 
Why Not Use a Strategy That Works?
I have more respect for myself, and for your time & money to try to con you like that.

Trust me, Facebook advertising and online marketing, in general, are not that simple. 

It's tough to become successful with Facebook ads, it's complicated, it's confusing and at times it can be very frustrating. 

But there are ways to cut through the stress, be more efficient with your time, improve your advertising and create systems and strategies to bring clarity and certainty to your sales process. You can make immense improvements to your advertising costs and revenue through strategies and tactics that will generate a constant stream of website visitors, leads and customers. 

When you know what you are doing it certainly becomes easier, the confusion disappears and you can leverage the systems that will bring you sales.
How Do I "Sell Myself"?
I try to show people proof of my knowledge and expertise through my content, blogs and in my private marketing group (maybe you're already a part of it?). 

Currently, I'm helping over 350 business owners & marketers improve their 
Facebook advertising by providing daily tips, tricks and tactics that I'm using to grow my clients' businesses online!

I provide behind the scenes access to pretty much everything I'm using to grow my own business and my clients' businesses.

Tips, tricks and a finger on the pulse of the latest trends and updates to the social media platforms. 

I also give free training, webinars, guides and checklists to cut your learning in half and improve your advertising.

And I always make myself available to bounce ideas off, to directly ask questions to, and to solve any problems you're having. 

I also run a five-day challenge to help people design their own Facebook Ads strategy in just five days. 

After the challenge, you will know exactly WHAT you need to do to design a successful Facebook Ads strategy. 
Why Bother With the Course With All this FREE Stuff?
One of my friends asked me "Why would anyone buy your course when you give so much in the group and the five-day challenge?".  

Well, the answer is pretty simple really. 

My private group is a hub of content but for the most part, it's usually little snippets of information, tips, tricks and the latest tactics that can improve your marketing.  It's kinda like the icing on the cake! 

There's no real structure to the content and I tend not to bore people with the complicated nitty gritty of the techniques that are necessary to make your Facebook Ad campaigns consistently profitable. 

The five-day challenge, on the other hand, will show you how to design a successful Facebook Ads strategy for your business. It's your blueprint to success! 

By the end of the challenge, you will know what your strategy will look like when it's built out.... but do you know how to build it? 

My Facebook Ads Course will teach you EXACTLY how to build your Facebook Advertising campaigns from start to finish regardless of your level of experience. 

If you're a newbie to Facebook ads it's perfect as I'll pretty much be holding your hand step-by-step until your Facebook Ads strategy is converting strangers into customers. 

You will learn the key targeting techniques to pinpoint your customers on Facebook, how to create compelling adverts that they will actually click, and the intricacies of the Facebook Pixel to allow you to convert complete strangers into paying customers with a reliable, automated system. 

It's one thing to design your Facebook Advertising strategy but it's an entirely different challenge creating successful campaigns, ad sets, and ads that will actually be able to convert your target audience into customers while keeping your advertising costs to a minimum!
What's Involved in the Course?
My Facebook Advertising Course consists of twelve webinars that will be emailed to you every week. 

The webinars are between 1 -2 hours long and you have access to the webinars for life - so you can work through them at your own rate! 

You will also get an implementation checklist which will summarize the key actions you need to take after watching each webinar. 

You will also get access to our private members support group where you will be able to get answers for any questions and solutions to any problems you might have. 
Me pictured with a fan at a keynote ;)
The Time is Now...
Facebook Advertising is the most sophisticated and currently most cost-effective advertising platform on the planet! You can pinpoint your ideal customers using Facebook's sophisticated targeting techniques and convert them into customers using a range of different advertising formats.

Unfortunately, lots of business owners have figured this out...... 

This has led to increased competition to enter into your audience's newsfeed...
Saturation of the advertising space and as a result....
A dramatic increase in the cost of advertising on Facebook!

Simple strategies like boosting posts, and creating random promotions are no longer profitable or worthwhile on their own. Facebook advertising requires a strategic approach that takes your audience on a journey from awareness to purchase. 

Facebook is not an eCommerce platform..... yet! 
People do not flick through their newsfeed hoping to purchase your products (I wish they did).  

They spend time on Facebook to connect with friends, to spy on their favourite celebs and influencers, to keep up to date with the latest news and to find interesting content that is relevant to them.

The most effective advertisers take a strategic approach to pinpoint their ideal customers, engage them with relevant content and convert them into customers. 

In my new Facebook Advertising Course, I will show you everything you need to know to create consistently profitable Facebook Ad campaigns. 

You will learn everything you need to know about the tools, tricks and tactics behind my successful Facebook Ad campaigns

I will show you the four phases of the Facebook Advertising strategy I use to create consistently profitable campaigns for my clients, and how it can be applied to any business. 

If it's one thing I hated about my three University degrees and all of the online courses I have done, it was the pointless nonsense and filler that most courses are stuffed with. Useless jargon, old generic content, irrelevant tips and advice that won't do anything for your business. There is none of that in my Facebook Advertising course and it's focused solely on helping you make more sales for your business.

There are thirteen webinars, which will be sent to you weekly, and you will have lifetime access to consume in your own time. You will also receive implementation checklists and a private support group to ensure you're putting your new found knowledge to work!

What are you waiting for? 

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